The fine art of painting, which is the bastard of alchemy, always has been - always will be, a game. The rules of the game are quite simple: in a given arena, on as many psychic fronts as the talent allows, one must visually describe, the centre of the meaning of existence.

-- Brett Whiteley



Payment Terms for Web & Graphic Design:

      An estimated fee will be set in place for the web and graphic design, based upon the work agreed on by all parties concerned. Upon the start of construction, 75% of the expected costs will be paid to the company. The total costs will be reviewed at the 90% point, at which time an invoice will be rendered reflecting the total costs to date. The balance is due in full upon presentation. If this balance is not paid upon receipt, all work will be stopped and withheld until said invoice is paid.

      Upon completion of the website, an invoice will be presented which must be paid in order for the website to be posted on the internet by Serenity's Spiritual Creations or to be turned over to the client in working order.

      If the final balance is not paid upon completion, not only will the website not be turned over, but an interest rate of 5% will be charged until such invoice is paid plus the interest charged.

      With regards to logos and graphic designs, the rules set forth for the construction of a website, will be applicable.

      The completed questionnaire will serve as a contract between you, the client, and me, Serenity's Spiritual Creations. In filling out this form and e-mailing it back to Serenity's Spiritual Creations, you are agreeing to the terms listed above.

Special Note:
      All web hosting requires a 30 day notice of cancellation. If no  notification is given beforehand, there will be a balance owed for the next 30 day period.


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Miscellaneous Payment Amounts

  Website Packages
Domain Name Hosting   Design Elements
Virtual Domain Hosting   One Time Setup Fees



Website Packages

Level 1
Design of 1 HTML page


Level 2
Design of 2 HTML Pages



Level 3
Design of 3 HTML Pages



Level 4
Design of 4 HTML Pages



Level 5
Design of 5 HTML Pages


Level 6
Design of 6 HTML Pages



Level 7
Design of 7 HTML Pages



Level 8
Design of 8 HTML Pages



Level 9
Design of 9 HTML Pages



Level 10
Design of 10 HTML Pages




Domain Name Hosting Fees
This includes a full time Webmaster at your disposal.

Monthly Hosting Fee for your Domain


Six Month Hosting Fee for your Domain


 Yearly Hosting Fee for your Domain



Virtual Domain Hosting 1
This option is for those that do not own a domain of their own. This includes a full time Webmaster at your disposal.

Monthly Hosting Fee for 1 Page


Monthly Hosting Fee for 3 Pages

Monthly Hosting Fee for 2 Pages


Monthly Hosting Fee for 4 Pages

Monthly Hosting Fee for 5+ Pages



Design Elements


One time Set-up Fee

Please e-mail if you have something not listed that you are interested in doing on your site.


Multiple Communications Forum

Design of 1 HTML Page


Discussion Board

Logo Design


Chat Room

Custom Menu/Image Map Fee


Guest Book

Banner Design


Site Search Feature

Browser Icon


Amazon.com Bookstore
$50.00 for 15 items or less

Additional Print Ready Logo


Paypal Shopping Cart System
$50.00 for 15 items or less

Secure/Spam Free Email Form


Blog Set-up and design
- Basic Set up - Please e-mail to discuss your ideas to get a quote.

Basic Shockwave App/Movie $100.00


Shockwave Header and Menu $150.00

Shockwave Titles
$10.00 each


Spiritual Cinema Circle

Free Setup


Coaching Affiliations

Free Setup


Miscellaneous Payment Amounts

Before any design work begins there is a 75% deposit due. When the work is complete the remaining 25% is due. Many times clients choose to add the combinations of the totals due on the provided invoice by adding the amount equivalents to the shopping cart below.





















































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